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4 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Boost Your Lead Generation


4 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Boost Your Lead Generation

Success of any business today is measured in terms of Likes, shares, comments, followers and tweets. Social media has an immense impact on ROI of any business. Social media platforms provide great lead generation options for advertising as social media handles are used by majority of the population.  It is of utmost importance for companies to build their social media presence so as to attract potential customers. You can also seek professional help from Prism Digital one of the best social media agency in Dubai Users interacting with brands on social media aren’t looking only for promotions and discounts; they are also looking for business opportunities to collaborate. Social media is highly engaging and has an immense reach.


Here are four ways your company can increase leads generated from social media platforms.

Focus on the right channels

Assign proportionately more resources to the social media marketing channels that work best for your business. Analyze on which channel your target audience exists and thus focus on that particular channel to generate leads. One of the channel that is used excessively today is Email marketing. The four most popular and highest performing marketing channels currently are:

  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages (with online signup option)
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing (blogs, videos and infographics.)


Increase overall brand awareness

Want more consumer interaction on social media?  Start posting about your company and let your presence be felt across customers. Post using relevant hashtags related to your company and services. Tell customers what your company is about and what your offerings are. By increasing your overall brand awareness you can make your company stand out in the market amongst its competitors as in this case, one of the best social media company in Dubai. Seize this opportunity to introduce your brand to potential clients on platforms where they’re already comfortable engaging on such as social media and use channels such as Facebook and Twitter to reach a massive potential audience base.


Invest in Social Media Advertising

Social media platforms have numerous users. Even though you’ve found the right social media platform to interact with your target audience, your selling efforts might not be effective if none of them have detected you before. In order to ensure that they notice you whole, invest in social media advertising or hire on board a social media advertising agency to carry out your social media advertisements for your company.

Since, every social media platform has an option to either create ads or promote your content; this will ensure higher visibility for your brand among your target audience. Increased brand visibility on social media will further improve your chances of driving profit from social media and thus boost your lead generation



Transform Loyal Customers into Brand Advocates

Your existing customers can prove to be the biggest assets to your company. You don’t need to have influencers etc, if you have a strong and loyal customer base. Your current clients can end up being compelling brand advocates and in the event you can reward them in return for complimentary gifts, discounts and rebates. One way you can use your loyal customers and transform them into brand advocates is by asking them to use a particular keyword or hashtag while they are posting about your brand/product. By doing so, when searches are made related to your brand or products name on social media, it will help you find people who are already posting content about your brand. So in this way as you input a hashtag in the search bar on social media, you will not only get a list of your influencers who indulge in your product/brand but also customers who use your brand/product.


Cinema graphs/ Gifs and Videos

Content such as GIFs or videos which run in a continuous loop are already being used a lot on social media websites and will soon be featured on other websites too as they are highly engaging and fun. These keep the user engaged and grab their immediate attention. These cinema graphs are a great way to convey messages in short time and will be a popular web development trend in the coming years.