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How to advertise on Snapchat in Dubai,UAE and what can it do for your business


How to advertise on Snapchat in Dubai, UAE and what can it do for your business

In today’s world most of the social media services in Dubai make use of snapchat as well as other booming social media marketing platforms.e of snapchat as well as other booming social media marketing platforms.

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social media platforms for online marketing and is super popular with millennials. Snapchatters around the world are highly engaged with around 187 million average daily active users and the average number of times daily active Snapchatters open the app each day is 25 times more. There are nearly 60 % + of average daily active Snapchatters who capture images/videos with the Snapchat camera every day. Thus, you can calculate the intensity of your target audience.



How to advertise on Snapchat in Dubai,UAE?

Geofilter – Snapchat Geofilter are specially personalized overlays that can be used for snaps. These Geofilters give your pictures a personalized background. These can be accessed in certain locations. Geofilters change depending on the location of the user and when they click a photo or record a video. The Geofilters keep changing based upon one’s location. Businesses can make their own/personalized Geofilters wherein, they can add their business logos and thus those filters are used by customers who Snapchat.

Video – Snapchat Ads offer the ability to reach out to the right audience in the right context. Snap Ads are three to ten seconds, full screen vertical ads that appear between friend’s stories while a user watches the story. According to statistics, the swipe-up rate is five times higher than the click through rate on comparable platforms.

Discover – This is a tab on the app that features trending stories, viral topics, and event coverage. It is however an expensive Snapchat feature as compared to the above.

By using Snapchat as a medium for Social Media Marketing businesses can advertise to a vast population, it is cost effective, contains hyper engaged audience, it is a fun way to portray your business culture, it is a powerful vehicle for influencer marketing, it has a daily rate of active Snapchatters, with the help of Geofilters businesses can target locations and most importantly it has a static long term growth and transformational future potential.