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LinkedIn Advertisement in Dubai, UAE


LinkedIn Advertisement in Dubai, UAE

Advertising on LinkedIn enables you to advertise your business and services to a network of over 560 Million + professionals and experts to drive activities that are important to your business.
To start with, LinkedIn has a considerable amount of reach of nearly 259+ million members across the Middle East. While some might dismiss its “smaller” audience, LinkedIn can actually help you achieve a very niche and specific reach. LinkedIn can be used as an effective platform for all your social media marketing efforts. This is largely due to two factors:

  1. LinkedIn provides amazing targeting options such as the ability to filter and target audience as job title, employer, skills, role and specific interests.
  2. LinkedIn profiles contain more “professional” information compared to what people list on their personal profiles on Facebook or other social media platforms etc.


The following are the types of ads one can use to advertise on LinkedIn.

Sponsored Content

You can run your ads across desktop and mobile devices based on your personalized target audience. You can build your ideal audience with LinkedIn profile data and engage with your audience relevant to you/ your business.


Sponsored InMail

That is, you can deliver personalized Ads to the users LinkedIn Inbox. Thus, adding a personal feel to each message sent across potential users.


Text Ads

These include a convincing headline, description and even an image. A simple setup implies you can begin achieving your intended interest group in minutes. Drive new clients/ audience to your business – on a spending that works for you – with LinkedIn’s simple, self-benefit pay per click (PPC) advertising stage.

The platform gives you a chance to set up promotion records and control your aggregate publicizing costs by setting a crusade begin and end date by day spending plan. You can spend as meager or as much as you might want, contingent upon the designated spending that you set.


How much do LinkedIn Ads cost?

The sum you pay to promote your advertisement on LinkedIn is dependent upon you. You can begin with any financial plan and stop your advertisements whenever. LinkedIn advertisements are sold through a bartering. When you run promotions, you contend with different sponsors who need to achieve a comparable target gathering of people. Your target Audience, your bid and your ad relevance score determines the price you pay for LinkedIn Ads. In order to run an advertisement of valuable content you can also hire a best social media marketing agency to help you with your Linkedin Advertising


Choose your ad pricing!

LinkedIn promotions let you pick the kind of action you need to pay for. Select the advertisement configuration and evaluating alternatives that work for your promoting objectives. You can filter your ad pricing based on your convenience and costing.


Here are 7 simple and easy steps to help you achieve a successful LinkedIn advertising campaign for your business objectives.

  • Choose a self-managed campaign
  • Kick start with Campaign Manager
  • Choose your Ad format
  • Create your Ads
  • Target your Ads
  • Set your Advertisement Budget.
  • Measure your Ad campaign and Optimize